Neverwinter Nights 2 MotB: Gannayev Revisited

I played Mask of the Betrayer for the first time with a guy character. I usually play the OC with a guy (which is why I never had any particular feeling about Bishop before) and then because I'm rather fond of Gann, switch over for a female toon in the expac.

Let me tell you. I can see why the word on the street is that Gann was intended to be romanceable for either gender because Gann has some serious unresolved issues.

One of the options when he confesses his love to you (when you're a chick) is 'Thanks for standing by me!' and he'll respond with a very awkward 'Uh yes. Perhaps we'll speak more about this later.'

When you play a guy toon, his dialogue is pretty much /identical/ except for the crucial part and the only response you can give him is: 'Thanks for standing by me!' and he responds /exactly/ in the same manner.

I felt so awkward... for him and for me. It was like... dude, are you coming on to me?

And if you were, what would I say?

Safiya, on the other hand, is warmer and cuter if you play a male toon. She has this wonderful social awkwardness that comes from being a reclusive scholar and if you flirt with her outright it's so adorable watching her stumble around looking for words.

If you're a chick, it's not that she's colder, it's just different. I couldn't really say why Safiya doesn't seem to have lesbian issues the same way Gann has gay ones. Possibly because her dialogue varies if you're a guy, rather than not vary at all if you're a girl. Does this make sense?

See, if you're a girl and you sacrifice yourself for the greater good, Safiya will cheerfully wave goodbye and move on with her life, she'll go back to the academy and become headmistress etc, which is the same ending as if you finished the curse properly. She gets the happy ending, regardless.

If you're a guy and you sacrifice yourself, Gann will find himself all desolate and empty because you resolved his mother issues but then abandoned him again. He'll become an actor for a brief while but after finding that life shallow and unfulfilling, will vanish into the wilderness again and never be heard from again.

In other words, without you by his side, Gann is fucked. Forgive me if that doesn't scream of latent homosexuality. In fact, I think that's the same ending if you, as a girl tell him to piss off instead of staying in the City of Judgement.

Well, it makes sense I suppose. There is something rather... fruity about a dreamwalker. Although seriously, Safiya should have similar lesbian issues because of the whole Founder/Akachi thing.

I am not sure I can ever take Gann seriously again though. Masculinity is such a curious thing. This insight /has/ affected my opinion of him, although I wonder why. It shouldn't, should it? Love is love, that kind of thing. Still, the fact that it has is something to think about.