Neverwinter Nights 2 MotB: Gannayev Revisited (Extrapolation)

I'm not trying to defend myself or anything. It may be true that I am secretly homophobic, in which case that is something I ought to address. I admit I find the idea of anal sex disturbing and alarming but that isn't because it's a guy-guy thing. I oppose the idea in general. Whenever anal is mentioned, my rectum instinctively shrinks to the size of a pip.

I think the real reason my opinion of Gann changes when you find out he's more bisexual than anything is because MotB paints him as a bit of a lady killer. He walks the land, getting laid as wherever his feet take him. Oh, and he talks with spirits but that's almost a /sub clause/ to his true calling of scoring as often as possible.

The impression you are meant to get is that he flits from woman to woman because he is afraid of attachment. He is also rather selfish and doesn't care much if people are hurt by his actions. That's like his whole gimmick which you, the PC, are supposed to address.

If his character turns out to be secretly homosexual that almost taints the whole idea; rather than Gann simply being afraid of intimacy, it becomes more as if he simply didn't like women and only played around with them because he was supposed to. It would be better if Gann fessed up from the start that he was bisexual because to me, the /suppressed/ homosexuality, which Gann doesn't know about or pretends not to know about really changes how his character is drawn.