Unmarked thoughts

I don't get why we see Fenthick in the Betrayer's Tomb... That guy was about as badass as a limp sock. Seriously, Neverwinter's Greatest Betrayer? Is Aribeth, through and through. Nasher's right hand... Sold the city out to Luskan, public enemy number one, led an army to the city's gates and laid siege to the whole farking place. Was winning too.

Failing that, even Desther was more badass than Fenthick... in a really obvious evil priest kind of way that makes you wonder what Fenthick ever saw in him in the first place. It's like... this Jedi has pasty skin and sunken eyes and he cackles randomly and swings around a red light saber. HE'S NOT EVIL STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENTAL.

Uh what?

I really don't see anything about Fenthick that made him worthy of the title he got in nwn2; unless that was the whole idea. Perhaps Nasher, after the incident with Aribeth, had the historians rewrite that part of the events to justify what he did to Fenthick, possibly while he was also making sure the Hero of Neverwinter got written out of it completely.

Still, they /could/ have spiced this up a bit, made it a little more clearer by having Fenthick's ghost say things as you fight him. Stuff about him wanting justice... although Fenthick, wet blanket that he is, probably thought he deserved his fate.

Farking idiot.

That's intriguing actually. If Fenthick thought he deserved his fate and yet is unable to rest because of this... incoherent martyrdom, what would/could/should he say? Perhaps Obsidian got it right when he says nothing at all...

Something to think about.