Reading: George R Martin, Alignment and Nothing Else

The real reason why the Hound would never get a foot edgewise on a properly written Bishop:

Sandor Clegane is Lawful Evil.

In fact, he's the poster boy for it.

His brother, the Mountain that Rides is most definitely Chaotic Evil - which is why Sandor does not get along with him. Part of it is the whole face burning thing, but the other one is irreconcilable alignment differences.

But Song of Ice and Fire is all about alignment shifts - for example, Tyrion Lannister is definitely Lawful Good; or at least, he tries very hard to be. But now it's yet to be seen if he's heading horizontal on the axis or vertical.

Jaime Lannister seems to be True Neutral, but after the encounter with Brienne he's heading towards Lawful. Cersei is more Chaotic Neutral, but she's on the downslide towards evil and madness.

Stannis is the epitome of Lawful Neutral. The rod is so up his arse it seems to have stuck there.

I believe all the Stark children start as neutral.

My brother believes Petyr is Lawful (Lawful /what/ we don't know) but I think he's Chaotic. He says Petyr plays the game within the rules; but I disagree. Petyr plays /smart/ but that does not mean he's Lawful. He's merely out to get his way without being imprecated. I do not think Chaotic = Crazed Lawbreaking Criminal because that is Stupid. Frankly I believe Petyr is Chaotic simply because Petyr sees Laws as a 'guideline' - something he can use to his benefit when needed.

Dany is Neutral Good but she tries harder.

Now the Onion Knight is a hard one; he was clearly Chaotic Good to begin with, but I cannot determine if he became Lawful Good after his knighthood. Part of the problem is trying to figure out if the loyalty he feels towards Stannis is because he became Lawful or if it's because he's inherently Good.